Looking for a way to send an automated message to a channel whenever new members join a Team? Well, look no further. Using Power automate we can make a Flow that automates this easily.

What does the Flow do?

When a member is added to a specific team, a flow automatically posts a welcome message that tells new members about the existing channels and also encourages existing team members to welcome the newcomer. You can of course edit this to you’re liking, but I will provide a sample template that we will use.

Create the Welcome message:

  1. Create a Flow in Power Automate
  2. Select triggered by «When a new team member is added»
  3. Select get user profile V2 – Here we want the dynamic value Teams User id
  4. Select Send a message V3 – Customize to your liking.


Here is the template for the welcome message I’ve made. To use it select Code view and insert the code. If you are not using the template provided I will still recommend checking and cleaning up the HTML code.

Welcome, <strong>@{body('Get_user_profile_(V2)')?['displayName']}</strong> to our team! 🙌<br>

Our most important channels are:<br>
<li><strong>Announcements</strong> - for updates and important information.</li>
<li><strong>General</strong> - for general chatting and inquries.</li>
<li><strong>Projects</strong> - for projects  </li>

Everyone please give @{body('Get_user_profile_(V2)')?['givenName']} a warm welcome! 😊


Once a new member is added to the team, an automated welcome message will appear on the selected channel.