If you are an avid Discord and Plex user like myself, you might want to be notified whenever a new show or movie gets added right into your discord channel. If you are using Sonarr or Radarr this can be done easily using webhooks.

I’ve been using this in my own Discord server and it’s been working flawlessly.

Thankfully, both Discord and Sonarr has already built-in support for this. So to implement this is quite simple. You can do this with Radarr as well which we’ll cover in this article too.

Example of how it will look like once implemented

Create Webhook in Discord

Firstly, let’s create the webhook for the channel we wish the notifications to be pushed too.

Click Settings -> Webhooks -> Create Webhook

For the purpose of this demo, I will name the webhook Plex with a simple logo, However, you can name it whatever you want and insert a logo if you wish. You could also name it Sonarr or Radarr respectively to distinguish the two webhooks if you are planning to use both Sonarr and Radarr.

For now, copy the Webhook URL and Save.

Connect Sonarr with Discord

Now move over to Sonarr and navigate to Settings > Connect > Add > Discord

Add a name for the connection. This isn’t reflected in the notifications, so choose whatever you want.

Select what you want to be notified of. Personally, I only use the on Import, as I only want to be notified of new series or films added to my Plex server. You can filter by series using tags if you only want to be notified on specific series aswell. The username and avatar can be left blank. Play around with this and find what suits you.

You can test that the connection is successful by pressing the Test button. A test notification will be pushed to the Discord channel.

Hit Save and you’re done. Once Sonarr imports something new we will receive a new notification.

Connect Radarr with Discord

To connect Radarr with Discord is almost the same procedure. However, Radarr does not have the Discord connector. Instead, we’ll have to choose Slack for our connector.

Now move over to Radarr and navigate to Settings > Connect > Add > Slack

Insert the Webhook URL and append /slack. This tells Discord to interpret the webhook as Slack would.

Type the webhook name in the username field and leave the last two empty.

bLbXcqM.png (502×435)
Z3r7olK.png (879×170)

Hit Save and you’re done.

Enjoy! You will now be notified right in your Discord on new series or films. 😊